Your Instrument Needs a Restring!

Updated: Mar 9

Think of strings as the fuel to your instrument. When their lifespan diminishes, your instrument's performance will diminish as well. When strings age they become corroded, filled with oils and perspiration. This will affect the tone and sustain production of said string. Over time tiny dents will form under the strings from repeat fret contact which will compromise tuning towards the end of a string's life cycle.

Frequency in string replacement depends from player to player, climate conditions and selected string quality. As a good rule of thumb strings should be replaced at least once a month. We recommend two or three weeks apart if the player has an aggressive style, heavier hand technique or if the strings begin to feel grimy due to sweat.

Clean your strings after each use for extended life.

What are some signs of worn strings?

  • Dark spots or “pitting” on the string surface

  • Repeat tuning stability issues

  • Loss of fidelity or brightness in tone

  • Lack of sustain

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